Vintage Craft

(#6000) Charming mid 20th century grandmother's flower garden cutter quilt. Machine quilted. Bright colors. Minor overall wear with some worn fabrics, small holes, etc. Recently washed. $65



(#6002) Early 20th c. Wild goose chase variation cutter, red and green on white ground. Hand quilted. Light overall wear and fabric deterioration, primarily on the top and bottom ends, some stains. 64" x 82". $50



(#6115) Early 20th c. Patchwork cutter quilt. Blue, pink, plaids, etc. Overall wear with scattered fabric deterioration and damage on top and bottom ends. 13 of 20 blocks are in generally good condition. 65" x 75". $42


(#6321) Late 19th c. Barn Raising Log Cabin cutter quilt. Indigo, black (mourning prints), turkey red, white, etc. with shirting print back. Overall wear and fabric deterioration with some holes and fabric loss. Heavier wear on one end. 61" x 74". $46




(#6182) Early 20th c. Drunkard's path cutter quilt. Green/white print on yellow ground. Hand quilted. Light overall wear with some minor fading, heavier wear and fabric deterioration along the center around a fold line. 58" x 80". $45




(#6116) Early-mid 20th c. Circle and 4-point Star cutter quilt. Various feedsack prints, floral prints, and plaids on a white ground (stars). Light overall wear with heavy wear and holes on the top and bottom ends, one end has been folded over and bound. 68" x 80". $42



(#5891) 20th c. Flower Basket cutter quilt. Made up of both 19th c. and 20th c. fabrics. Hand quilted, overall good condition with no wear on 95% of the quilt, 1 block has fabric deterioration and loss. 61" x 74". $65





flower cutter

cutter flowergarden1 cutter flowergarden2



goosechase2 goosechase3


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