Late 18th or Early 19th century American Architectural corner cupboard. Maple with an older finish. Old paint on the interior. Restoration to the cornice and moldings, feet are original. 88" tall x 54" wide (requires a 39" corner). $2150





Early-Mid 19th C. 20-tin pie safe. Cherry with remnants of old paint. 2 door/2 drawer front with 3 interior drawers and a locking compartment. Overall size is 66" tall x 58.5" wide x 17" deep. $4600.






Mid 19th C. Midwestern 12-tin pie safe. 12 hand punched Compass-Star tins with old copper color paint on the tins. Refinished walnut case with remnants of old paint. Interior painted brown. Case is 40" wide x 17.125" deep. Overall height 56". $795.






Mid 19th C. Midwestern 16-tin pie safe. Walnut case with old aligatored green paint. Rust on a couple of the lower end tins (see detail). Case is 16.625" deep x 41.5" wide. Overall height 65.25". Found in Missouri. $1795.










Early 19th C. 2- piece press or cupboard. This style is sometimes referred to as a "Jackson Press". Cherry with walnut secondary wood and a thin old refinish. Southern. Some old repairs including hinge repairs. Base is 41.5" wide and 78" overall height. $2750






Federal 2- part cherry corner cupboard with 12-pane upper glass door over 2-panel door base, c. 1800. Pulls replaced but no other known repairs. Retains old, likely original glass. Older refinish. 43" wide x 88" tall, requires a 27.5" corner. $3200






Missouri 2-piece 12-pane stepback cupboard. Walnut with old finish, early-mid 19th century. Old/original glass in top doors. Good condition with no major repair. Overall height 77.5", width 46.75". Base depth is 19", top depth 11.5". $SOLD












Corner Cupboard corner cupboard open

corner cupboard detail



pie safe 20tin


12tin1 12tin2

12tin3 16tin4


16tin1 16tin2

16tin3 16tin4

16tin5 16tin6



press 1 press 2


cherry c cupboard



walnutcupboard walnutcupboard2 walnutcupboard3